After 20 years, the Human Wheels camp is closing its doors.


Started in 2000 by brothers Ted, Tim and Chris, this crazy idea turned into a real thing that evolved beyond what we ever thought it could be. But the two remaining original members, Ted and Tim, have decided to pull the plug and move on.


Over the years, the band saw many personnel changes, many changes to the song list and many stages in many different venues. There were a lot of good times and sadly, many not so good times. The hardest part of what we did as an Artist Cover band specific to one artist, was get work. While through the 1980’s and 1990’s, John Mellencamp’s music was very mainstream but, as does everything, that faded, and his popularity waned in the public eye. This of course had a dramatic affect on Human Wheels and the ability to secure quality venues became more and more difficult.


As you can imagine, recent global events have taken a horrible toll on the live music scene in America and I suppose around the world. For a band struggling to get work, this was devastating to say the least.


We’re not sure what will become of Human Wheels. Will it resurface in another form? Will the remaining members restart it with different players? We don’t know. I can say that eventually we will all be out there performing in some way or another in the future when it is possible.


We thank all of our supporters and fans who have stuck with Human Wheels over the years. It is your support that kept us going. Thank you.


Feel free to drop us an email at humanwheelsrocks@gmail.com


All social media sites and this website will go dark on September 30th at midnight.


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