Playing The Best of John Mellencamp


The band laughing it up outside BB King's Blues Club in New York City

HUMAN WHEELS plays more Mellencamp in one night than Mellencamp himself. Enjoy classics like Pink Houses, Jack & Diane, Hurt So Good, I Need a Lover, Small Town, R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A., Authority Song, Cherry Bomb, Rain on the Scarecrow, Paper in Fire, Lonely Ol’ Night, and many more! You know more Mellencamp than you think.

Q104.3 FM On-Air Concert Review by Maria Milito:

"Speaking of John Mellencamp, last night I hosted Human Wheels, a John Mellencamp (tribute) band, over at BB Kings. My buddy Joel, you know, my Hancook Tires guy, that's his band, and let me tell you, this band is just incredible. I have a thing about copy bands, okay? If a band looks like the original band, it usually means they don't sound as good, but as a band that looks nothing like "the band", they just sound amazingly like the band. And that's what Human Wheels IS... a great band. It was big for them ‘cause it was the first time they'd played BB Kings, which is an awesome place for a show, to be in the audience, and of course, to be on that stage. So, we really had a good time and yes, I stayed for the whole show - that's how you know the band is good. I stayed for them. They're actually a very good band, you gotta check them out. You can look them up on Facebook and online, be a part of their mailing list, ’cause they're really incredible. I was very impressed and had a great time. And thanks to you, the Q104.3 listeners who were there last night, you came out in the elements to see a great band."



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Taking a break for the Holidays!!
There are more shows are on the horizon for the band and 2016 is shaping up to be an incredibly busy year.  For the time being, individual band members are busy with other musical projects AND the band itself is working on new John Mellencamp material for the upcoming season. So stay tuned to the website and you'll see more and more great things coming in the weeks to come. There is also the chance of seeing the band perform a show sometime through the holidays so check back from time to time.
2016 is coming....
We hope you will be joining us!!


Upcoming Shows

Havana Restaurant and Nightlife

Havana, 105 S Main St, , New Hope, PA 18938

For the first time, Human Wheels will bring their 2 hour John Mellencamp concert to the lovely, eclectic and artsy town of New Hope, Pennsylvania. Come hang around in town and enjoy all of the great shops and eateries. Then come to Havana to see the Wheels perform your favorite Mellencamp songs you didn't know you knew.


Winery at St. George

Winery at St. George, 1715 E Main Street, Mohegan Lake, NY 10547

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Show Starts at 8:00 p.m.

Come and join Human Wheels at this wonderful little venue for some great music, atmosphere, food and wine. What could possibly go better together than that?

Custom-make your evening wine tasting at the illuminated bar, relax at the many nook-and-crannied couch areas, dine at a table or in a lounge with the new Tapas and Entrée menu or enjoy dinner and a show during one of our famous “Wednesday Night Live” performances. Your destination for Wine, Food, Entertainment, Atmosphere and more...


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