What is a virus? Let’s read carefully

virus is actually just genetic material

encased in an envelope and it actually

needs a host like me or you in order for

it to infect and continue to produce

more copies of itself so what happens is

a virus infects me let’s say and my

immune system starts trying to control

that virus well the virus evolves and

mutates and changes its genetic material

over time to try to outrun my immune

system so it’s a constant battle between

the host and the virus and basically

they’re evolving together their Co

evolving Ebola is a feel of virus part

of a rare family of viruses transmitted

by direct contact with bodily fluids

often blood by contrast influenza

spreads through droplets sneezed or

coughed into the air which makes it

easier to catch but unlike most strains

of flu

Fila viruses kill large percentages of

the people they infect up to 90%

which is why this particular lab may be

the most dangerous place on earth it’s

dedicated exclusively the testing live

samples of Ebola if just a speck of

Ebola virus enters your bloodstream it

can quickly make billions of copies of

itself and rip you apart from the inside

a hideous and painful way to die

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